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His grandparents raised Yuichi instead of his mother. Unexpectedly, a rich young university student from Fukuoka, named Keigo Masuo (Masaki Okada) endss up as the prime suspect.Hiding in fear & agony, Yuichi goes on with his daily life. The email is from Mitsuyo Magome (Eri Fukatsu), a woman from Saga.Yuichi and Mitsuyo exchanged emails in the past after meeting through an online dating site.Mitsuyo currently lives a mundane life, working at a men's clothing store and living with her younger sister.Noboru (Taro Takeuchi) is a high school student who isn't popular at all.

They both agree due to their affections for Miyazaki.

Noboru and Momose begin to act like a couple in front others and soon Noboru begins to develop feelings for Momose, who is still in love with Miyazaki.

Additional with the below conclusions, i think he did laugh not just because he knew that momose is still in love with miyazaki but also because he finally understands the feeling of what momose is feeling ( momose told him that she wishes someday he'll understand this feeling) the whole time, loving someone who is not yours. He mentioned in the scene with Tanabe that he wish he didn't met her at all, he doesn't want to be involved with love again since it's like a "monster".

It means, momose will be the first and might be still the current for him. Actually, Momose and Miyazaki are still dating, which is why Tetsuko told Noburu at the table that he stays out at night(implying that he goes to see Momose and Momose hair is still long) Which is why even though Tetsuko knew about the affair even when they were young Noburu asked are you happy.

He fell for her at that time and was still inlove with her until now (and might be the reason why he doesn't have anyone/not married until now) I have just watched the film in Japanese Film Festival 2015: Colors of Love in Vietnam here :) Thanks to you guys, I have finally understood better the ending, and find that film really such a masterpiece, from the beginning to the end! She married a man she knew cheated on her and still is.

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At first I was thinking the same thing about the ending like @daemon, WTF?

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