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Smurfs’ Village takes you to an amazingly colorful world of tiny blue beings Aka. The game offers a wonderful City Building and Management Simulation type of game-play and tasks you with finding all the lost Smurfs and rebuilding their homes in the village.The recent attack of and his vicious cat left the village in ruins, now it’s your duty to explore the village, find the Smurfs, collect the resources and rebuild the village.Building wonderful Huts, Farms, Roads, Schools etc.are the fun part of this brilliant game, you can also buy different objects, gadgets decorate your homes and enjoy living among your favorite characters and in a wonderful world.

Every game of the series allows you to choose a player character for yourself, get into…My Tribe is a wonderful Life-Simulation, Real-Time Strategy and a Virtual World that lets you create a settlement for you and your tribe.You must generate resources from different sources and create means of learning for your fellow tribesmen.You must also help them start their own kin on the…Escape From Paradise by Gogii Games is a great Life-Simulation, RTS, MMO and RPG inspired by the popular Virtual Families series that tells the story of an unfortunate Cruise Ship that crashes on an uncharted island situated in the Pacific Ocean.

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