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There will be an info session on campus Tuesday, where Associate Vice-President of Equity and Inclusion, Sarah-Jane Findlay, says the university will look for feedback from the entire university community."It's also what the institution will be held accountable to in the long term when we're putting together new processes or new ways of responding to sexual assault," she says."Those really form the bedrock for all our work moving forward." Earlier this month, a panel report was released that called for an overhaul of the policy after the university was criticized for reacting too slowly to claims from students.The university has drawn criticism from students after failing to act on a notorious "pick up artist" made the rounds on campus last week.Findlay calls that is a matter for campus security, but for the policy, she calls it a way to put into writing their principles and values over how they will respond to sexual assault.

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The session starts at 4pm in the student nest in the great hall, or you watch the webcast HERE.

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