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Rebecca Levey is a co-founder of Kidz, a video review site by and for tweens.She writes about technology and education at Beccarama and is a White House Champion of Change for Education. My daughter told me she was hanging out with a boy on Saturday.They went to the park and he asked her to the prom.This came as a surprise to me since I spent most of Saturday with both of my daughters. Going to the prom is about 7 years away, and boys are still “others,” usually only talked about when a male classmate did something particularly gross or incomprehensible in school one day.

Maybe it will translate into more careful behavior in real life when she gets older, and maybe not.

But, it certainly opened the door to a discussion about being in places and dressing in ways that are appropriate for your age.

My daughter was not fazed by her online dating at all.

Much like real life, having someone ask you to prom translates into social currency and ups your overall popularity.

She even told me that sometimes she prefers the online social world because you can just have fun and relax, move in and out of situations easily and change who you are in an instant.

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