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In any case, illusion porn is simple enough, it’s just pictures of strange illusions, definitely a fun one to waste some time on: Again, similar to the last subreddit, there’s no porn here.This subreddit is just pictures of unbelievable penmanship.Definitely some writing, literally, worth appreciating here: We’ve all read stuff on the internet that is written by liars.For whatever reason, people feel the need to invent crap about their own lives that just clearly didn’t happen.And Avecousansvous created a list of things people should never write, which included: 'I hate fake people', 'Just ask', '420', 'I'm a country girl, I like fishing and mudding', 'I don't like drama and 'HMU', the latter standing for hit me up.For another Reddit user, a mention of a child was the ultimate no-no.They wrote: 'At my age (22) I leave your profile immediate if you have a kid, regardless of how attractive you are otherwise' (stock photo)Other huge turn-offs for Reddit users were 'baby pictures of themselves - why the f*** would I care what you looked like as a baby?

There’s weird, odd, bizarre, scary, and downright upsetting subreddits out there – here’s the Top 10 You Need to Know.**So you know, every subreddit URL is structured the same Subreddit Here, I’ve decided to include the r/ with every subreddit to emphasize this.It can come in handy.** Not the Onion is a subreddit dedicated to a kind-of-complicated idea: find articles that sound like they’re from the humorous satirical newspaper, The Onion, but they’re really not.This is a surprisingly deep criteria and the submissions, which are required to have identical titles to the articles in question, tend to really promote their own ideology or vision.It’s really fascinating because really, how ridiculous is our world that this kind of thing is possible? Here’s a screen cap of something that was posted recently to give you an idea: Guilty Pleasure Music is a dead simple idea so I won’t over-explain it: it’s music that makes you feel guilty because it’s awful, but you love it.

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An obvious example would be Call Me, Maybe, or anything by Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus/Naked Girl, but we’ll go with something a bit off the beaten path, a Japanese pop song I urge you not to listen to (for your own sanity): Mildly Infuriating is a great subreddit because everyone can relate with those minor annoyances that aren’t that big of a deal, but they just trigger this latent hot anger that lies beneath the surface of being a person.

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