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Keep up-to-date on Cision Top 10, including regular listings of the top 10 newspapers, magazines and broadcast outlets in a particular category. WQHT-FM – Hot 97 – New York, NY WWPR-FM – Power 105 – New York, NY KHHT-FM – Hot 92.3 – Los Angeles, CA WXNY-FM – X96.3 – New York, NY WRKS-FM* – Kiss 98.7 – New York, NY WBLS-FM– WBLS 107.5 – New York, NY KXOL-FM – Latino 96-3 – Los Angeles, CA WGCI-FM – 107.5 FM WGCI – Chicago, IL WJMN-FM – Jam’n 94.5 – Boston, MA WRDW-FM – Wired 96.5 – Philadelphia, PA *WRKS merged with WBLS shortly after the initial publishing of this list.

This list includes the top 10 Hip Hop and R&B radio stations in the U.

It was one of the greatest sales pitches the music industry has ever heard.

In March 2014, Robert Diggs, better known as RZA, the producer and de facto leader of the Wu-Tang Clan, the iconic rap group, announced that the Clan would create only one copy of its next album, . This is like someone having the scepter of an Egyptian king.” Initially, the Clan wanted to forbid the buyer from publicly releasing the album for 88 years, but over time decided to grant the buyer total freedom as long as the album wasn’t sold commercially.

That meant the owner could listen to the record in a soundproof room, drive a pickup truck over it, or release it for free on the Internet.

If the owner desired, he could be the only one who ever heard it.

In an era where people are happy to stream music rather than actually possess it, offered a chance to own something truly unique.

Its members have never achieved the popularity of Eminem or Jay Z, but they are venerated by young rappers such as Drake and Kanye West for their originality.“They’ve been dope for over 20 years,” says Andrew Du Bois, co-editor of . People all around the world care about the Wu-Tang Clan.” The architect of Wu-Tang’s early success was RZA, whom the members referred to as the abbot.It was RZA who created the group’s weird aural backdrops using rhythm tracks from old Memphis soul songs interspersed with fragments of jazz master Thelonious Monk’s piano and moans of soul singers that he electronically altered to sound like ghostly exultations.The 31-track album would come in a hand-carved box, accompanied by a leather-bound book with 174 pages of parchment paper filled with lyrics and background on the songs. All the surviving members of the Wu-Tang Clan contributed to , along with some special guests.Aside from RZA and his co-producer, Tarik “Cilvaringz” Azzougarh, nobody had heard the entire record.

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