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Brown’s art resembles the margins of a ridiculously talented high-schooler’s geometry notebook, but this informal, goofy take perfectly complements a story that revels in incompetent characters and sly non sequiturs.Each page delivers a smirk at the bare minimum, making Incredible Change-Bots Two one of the most delightfully accessible diversions in comedy today.(SE) Empire State: A Love Story (or Not) by Jason Shiga Abrams Comic Arts 2011 Rating: 8.1 Jason Shiga’s semiautobiographical tale of a cross-country journey inspired by Sleepless in Seattle hits romanticism with a bucket of cold water.Like Chris Ware, his simplified characters and backgrounds focus on the failure of human beings to connect with one another, but unlike Ware, Shiga can leaven sad-sack misery with enough comedy to make you not want to slit your wrists.Yes, we are idiots with each other, and yes, your hopes and dreams are probably going to go up in smoke, but viewed from some distance, all that is kind of hilarious.

Incredible Change-Bots Two by Jeffrey Brown Top Shelf Productions 2011 Rating: 8.2 Humor in mainstream comic books has struggled to find a stable foothold in recent years.

Aside from a vibrant online community, the comedy genre seems to swell under the crest of comic-book culture.

The unfortunate side of this equation is that few people will be exposed to Jeffrey Brown’s Incredible Change-Bots Two, which I promise will make you laugh until milk erupts from your soul.

This is the closest thing we’ll ever come to an unproduced Adult Swim show on paper; the punch lines are clever, unexpected and borderline relentless.

If you couldn’t tell from the title, Change-Bots is a straight up parody of the ‘80s-cartoon-franchise-turned-blockbuster The Transformers.

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In this sequel (the tagline reads “Twice As Much As Met The Eye Last Time”), the trigger-happy Shootertron awakes in an amnesiac daze and begins to work on a farm and keep a journal of fake binary code.

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