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However if you have a feature image, that will become the link back to the homepage.

No Padding on Container: Removes padding from the container.

This means that the navigation bar and feature image will go right to the edge. No Spacing on Feature Image: Removes spacing between the feature image and the navigation bar below and the header / top of page.

View this image to see an example of no spacing on feature image, as well as no padding on Container (see above) options selected.

Main Section Background: Background color of the main section, which is default set to white.

Text: The main text color used throughout the theme. Meta: The colour used for the meta data at the bottom of each post.

Meta data will be at opacity of 30% but go to full opacity on rollover.

Date: The color used for the date that is displayed on the left of each post. Sidebar Heading: Color used for headings on the sidebar. Navigation Bar: Background color for navigation bar.

Navigation Text Active: Text colour used for navigation bar links when they are active (ie current page).Music Player Button: Background color used for the music player controls when the Soundcloud music player is in use.Date Seperator: Color of the bar that sits between the post icon and the date.Sidebar Underline: The underline color underneath sidebar headings. Use this if you want to use a logo or an image version of your blog title. Feature: A 940px wide x 250px high image that sits above the navigation. You can change the height of the feature image by editing the value fr Feature Image Height (see below). This is used throughout the site in various widgets where you can specifiy where it is used (e.g. Album Artwork Two: Album artwork used for the second i Tunes link if provided.Sidebar Item Bottom Border: The border color used between list items such as the Soundcloud music player or the upcoming events. Album Artwork Three: Album artwork used for the third i Tunes link if provided.

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