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Horikoshi High School (越高等学校) is a private school institution located in Tokyo’s Nakano district (中野区).

It is special for tending to the needs of child actors/idols or other children in need of a specialized schedule to focus on other careers.

This com is dedicated to fanwork, graphics, information, and general discussion on the current students of Horikoshi.!

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Today Mirai is the new comer on her new school, the unpopular girl while Ryosuke is the most popular person in the music and entertainment industry in Japan.

Chapter 7: Partnership and Bullied Chapter 8: The Night Before Pairing/Character: Yamada Ryosuke/Kawashima Umika/Okamoto Keito Rating: PG-13Genre: comedy, stupidity, and, fluff Warning: incest Summary: From what other people saw, Ryosuke’s affection and over-protectiveness toward his little sister seemed like a common “sister complex”.

In fact, this photograph of a female’s crying face can only be described as ghost photography. The Hanabishi family, friends and the real estate agent (Narumi Riko) who brokered the sale and purchase of the photo studio all get involved, and Eiichi sets out to solve this mystery.

The hidden pasts each of these people are connected to the present., Arai Moe, Shirakawa Yumi, Kushida Kazuyoshi Synopsis: Shirase Mari (Hada Michiko) and Endo Natsumi (Itaya Yuka) were violinists in an orchestra.

They pursued their dreams together and had a friendly rivalry. She married Endo Kazuto (Tanihara Shosuke) and built a happy family.

But more important than that, no one suspected that it would be something more than what they saw on the surface. The vice principal had demanded for Yuto’s suspension.

Meanwhile, Ryosuke didn’t realize that he was almost crossing the borderline.( Umika this, Umika that. How will the three super junior students save the student victim this time?

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