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Suresh Gopi is an acclaimed actor in Malayalam cinema who is famous for his roles in police dramas.

Suresh Gopi started his acting career in 1965 as a child artist in a malayalam movie 'Odayil Ninnum' which was a screen adaptation of the novel by the same name.

She released two pop music albums - No Vacancy and Shambala - neither of which was a success. Since then, she has made attempts to reinvent herself. She quit movies after Zordaar in 1996, and has lived in Mumbai since, with her husband and son. He became noted and was glorified for playing larger than life roles that were anti-establishment and often were a dig at the political and social corruption. In 1997 his acting prowess was proved as "Kannan Perumalayan" a role that he played in "Kaliyattam" (The play), a screen adaptation of "Othello" by William Shakespeare for which he got the National Award for best actor in the same year.

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