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This disparity between what is expected of Meursault and what he displays forms the basis of Albert Camus' philosophy of morality.There is a big question mark on conventional morality which the author finds to be absurd.He seems to be questioning the fabric of societal morality on grounds of motivation; are some of those values upheld merely for con...Read more Morality is simply the way that an individual chooses between opposing values in a given situation.climax · Meursault shoots a man, known as “the Arab,” for no apparent reason.falling action · Meursault is arrested for murder, jailed, tried in court, and sentenced to death.He then has an epiphany about “the gentle indifference of the world” after arguing with the chaplain about God’s existence.

This different moral code can be seen by the way he refuses to break his own morals.

He may not value life but he does value honesty and his disbelief in a higher being.

Throughout the book he never lies or pretends to have faith in God not even to save his life. Read more Albert Camus' idea of morality in 'The Stranger' is completely unconventional and this can be seen through the protagonist who is a total embarrassment to the society in which he finds himself.

publisher · Librairie Gallimard, France narrator · In Part One, Meursault narrates the events of the story almost as they happen.

In Part Two, he narrates the events of his trial from jail, then moves into a more immediate narration in Chapter .

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