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The expat press will have lists of clubs in your area.Obviously if you are in deepest Extremadura or on a farm in Teruel the opportunities will be more limited but one thing you will know or learn is that when two or more expats get together, they start a club. Obviously, there are English-language church services in the expat and tourist areas and they are also a good place to make friends.They seem to be more relaxed and certainly the ones I know have a huge number of social events to which guests and visitors are normally welcome whether or not you are a practising Lutheran or Methodist.As always, the latter expat media will have contact details.One of the things that has upset me most about expat life is to hear about how lonely a lot of expats seem to be.I must admit that initially I struggled to understand this as I had never had a fuller social life!As I heard the story time and time again, I began to try to find out why so many expats were saying that they felt lonely and/or isolated.I talked to some and emailed others – both people who were commenting on behalf of neighbours or family members and also directly with some people for whom their new life was not what they expected.

“John” or “Mary” would have been fine with just one thing going against them but often it was the combination of reasons.There was the lack of family/friends from home, often there was “the language issue”, there was a feeling that everything was a battle with bureaucracy, learning about bus-routes or driving differences, very often the expats were on sprawling holiday home urbanisations that were nearly empty for good parts of the year and if they had neighbours these were Germans or Russians who they did not understand either!There was often a feeling that the days were long and without purpose – this was especially true of those who had just retired.After a few days the golf-courses or beaches, bars and restaurants lost the appeal they had before they moved here.I can relate to that – I live 200 meters from the Med and think it’s 2 years since I was on the beach!

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I rarely go into a bar and doubt I go into a restaurant as often in a year as I used to on a two week holiday! Learning Spanish – “You can either make excuses or friends”.

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