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Several ancient wooden shipwrecks, harbours and submerged sites have frequently been found in the Mediterranean Sea, especially in France and, subordinately, in Italy.

These discoveries are important in ancient maritime, economic and naval history studies as well as in vegetation history and biogeography.

This work presents the results obtained from wood analysis of a ship for harbour service found in the sediments of the Neapolis harbour (southern Italy) dated to the boundary between the centuries AD.

A multiproxy approach enabled correlation between timber taxa and pollen data, obtained from the coeval sedimentary layers, in order to constrain the ship provenance and the timber exploitation areas.

Timber/pollen comparison suggests that, most probably, the timber used for ship building was of local origin.

Moreover, even if a more accurate selection and a preference for softwood were adopted for planking elements, a good relationship was observed between technological properties and functional role of the wooden elements.

Woodland exploitation seems to have been rationally carried out, with a good compromise between the quality of the ship, wood availability and the ease of supply.

Numerosi relitti, porti e siti sommersi sono stati rinvenuti nel bacino del Mediterraneo, soprattutto in Francia e in Italia.Queste scoperte rappresentano un importante contributo non solo alla comprensione della storia della costruzione navale ma anche alla storia della vegetazione ed alla biogeografia.Il presente lavoro riguarda lo studio del legno di un relitto (denominato Napoli C) rinvenuto nei sedimenti del porto di Neapolis. If your browser does not accept cookies, you cannot view this site.There are many reasons why a cookie could not be set correctly.

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