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Most singles already switch among three and five apps, adds Julie Spira, a cyberdating expert.

But group dating apps help singles “cast a wider net,” she adds.

“You’re not going to get stuck with someone with ill intentions.” Of course, you might find yourself sticking out a terrible date for the sake of the group.

Thornier complications can spring up too: Consider the prospect of a love triangle arising during a group date — 26-year-old Liam Doolan, of London, had to.

Picture a crowded bar on a Friday night, says Entourage co-founder Edgar Friloux, “You never see someone going it alone.” It’s not just that another wingman (or, yes, wingma’am) can help move those awkward moments along.

But in such a saturated marketplace, will group dating apps ever gain a meaningful audience?“Dating is inherently niche,” says Loren Gould, co-founder of Double.He argues that just as there is more than one social media network and more than one ride-sharing app, there’s plenty of room for variation.When 23-year-olds Georgie Grant and Stroma Parker connected with a pair of dapper young men via a dating app, the sparks started flying.After exchanging a few flirty lines, the chummy group of four met up at London’s Heathrow Airport.

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