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Welcome to The Colonna Palace, Rome, a splendid and charming four star hotel located deep in the heart of Renaissance Rome.Situated in Piazza Di Montecitorio, opposite the Parliament Building just off Via Del Corso in the Historical Centre of the eternal city.Walking distance from The Spanish Steps, The Pantheon, Piazza Navona, The Colosseum, Campo De' Fiori and the Trevi Fountain.Tradition dictates that tossing a coin into the nearby Trevi Fountain ensures you will one day return to Rome and the Hotel Colonna staff will endeavour to make sure that when you do, you'll choose to stay here again.Spacious and elegantly designed as only the Italians know how, guests can relax in a comfortable and tranquil environment only seconds away from the beating heart of this spellbinding city.Click Here to find out what previous guests have said about their stay - even better, take a look at our Video Tour and see for yourself some of the 102 rooms and 2 suites available to you at special rates when you book online.Click on our Location page for more information about the surrounding area.

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