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The final item was a bone fishing lure with iron inset eyes.

All items were analyzed with X-ray fluorescence technology.

This house is considerably younger, dating to the 17thto 18th centuries, and is part of a trading network in Alaskan native copper. Speakman, of the Center for Applied Isotope Studies at the University of Georgia, and Victor Mair, of East Asian Languages and Civilizations at the University of Pennsylvania.

The two research projects funded by the NSF’s Division of Polar Programs Arctic Social Sciences were the Cape Espenberg project, which was awarded to Mason and Hoffecker, and the Arctic and Subarctic grant, which was awarded to Cooper.

“This will cause other people to think about the Arctic differently.

Some have presented the Arctic and Subarctic regions as backwater areas with no technological innovation because there was a very small population at the time. Hoffecker, both of the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

The fragmented leather strap on the buckle provided radiocarbon dating, and the item was dated to 500-800 years old, although the metal could be older.“The belt buckle also is considered an industrial product and is an unprecedented find for this time,” Cooper said.“It resembles a buckle used as part of a horse harness that would have been used in north-central China during the first six centuries before the Common Era.” Three of the other four items from another house were determined to be copper – a piece of bone fishing tackle with a copper hook, an eyed copper needle and a small fragment of sheet copper. — Two leaded bronze artifacts found in northwestern Alaska are the first evidence that metal from Asia reached prehistoric North America prior to contact with Europeans, according to new Purdue University research.“This is not a surprise based on oral history and other archaeological finds, and it was just a matter of time before we had a good example of Eurasian metal that had been traded,” said H.

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Kory Cooper, an associate professor of anthropology, who led the artifacts’ metallurgical analysis.

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