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This new instance of the Checklist is a work in progress. Cowey (Heidelberg), Mark Depauw (Leuven), Alain Delattre (Brussels), Robert Maxwell (BYU), Paul Heilporn (Strasbourg), volume editors, and others, sometimes including the wider papyrological community (via papylist). Most of the data already supersede those of the previous site. This latest carries forward the spirit of openness and collaboration that they championed. The quickest way to initiate discussion of updates and abbreviations is to write the papylist, or any one of the individuals named above.

(Bibliothêkê tês en Athênais Philekpaideutikês Hetaireias 17); reprinted in SB VIII 9860—9862. Copenhagen 1950.= "The Archives of the Temple of Soknobraisis at Bacchias," ed. Heft 1, Texte; 2, Umschrift und Glossar; 3, Schriftliste. (Travaux du Centre d'Archéologie Méditerranéenne de l'Académie Polonaise des Sciences 2). 47—79; otherwise a catalogue of descriptions and other material relating to the Alexandria papyri.

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