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Religious leaders led by Bishop Olumasai condemned those who have been involved in the immoral activities at the ground and called on them to repent and urged people to respect it and not use it as a mating center.

), this pose doesn't make the best use of camera space.

If you've asked, and she's declined, then you'd need to discuss it further and see what makes her uninterested in doing it.

Most likely, she'd be worried about the photos or screencaps being kept and potentially used against her someday.

Kenya has been put on the international map for 'sex on the ‘bench'.

Kenya was hit with a bush sex scandal in March 2011 when several shots of different Kenyan citizens were caught on camera having physical sex in different positions, at a particular location, on a particular bench in the Masinde Muliro Garden, Kakamega located in Kenya.

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