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In his mystical vision, José Alfredo believes everything falls apart if he does not find your favorite gemstone and get rid of a shiny faux stayed in place.Compounding the ordeal of him, his sister's ex-lover, Cora (Drica Moraes), will reappear stating that Cristina (Leandra Leal) is his bastard daughter Eliane (Malu Galli).The scrappy girl camelódromo works in the center of Rio de Janeiro alone and creates little Victor (Adriano Alves), son of Tuane (Nanda Costa) and his brother Elivaldo (Rafael Losso).

Each writes a letter telling what happened and combine to deliver the cuckolded husband, leaving it to him to read only when the two were already far away.

Unfortunately the girl discovers to be pregnant, and Cora (Marjorie Estiano), sister Eliane poisons the girl against Jose Alfredo, who is also the brother of Josué (Alejandro Claveaux), leaving the boy to see ships in the road of this marvelous city.

Alone, José Alfredo part into the unknown and ends up being displayed in the middle of the journey, Sebastian (Reginaldo Faria), suggesting that the boy begins to work with the exploitation of precious stones.

Sebastião José Alfredo then decides to take to Switzerland.

On the plane, José Alfredo will meet Marta Maria (Adriana Birolli), one from traditional decadent young family, but he sees it as a chance to get your name known in high society and marries her.

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