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Although Nielsen's acting career crossed a variety of genres in both television and films, his deadpan delivery in Airplane!marked a turning point in his career, one that would make him, in the words of film critic Roger Ebert, "the Olivier of spoofs".Nielsen enjoyed further success with The Naked Gun film series, based on an earlier short-lived television series Police Squad! Nielsen's portrayal of comedic characters seemingly oblivious to (and complicit in) their absurd surroundings gave him a reputation as a sen was recognized with a variety of awards throughout his career, and was inducted into the Canada and Hollywood Walks of Fame.Bueno, aquí os dejo este tributo al gran actor Leslie Nielsen en su actuación y colaboración en la producción de Scary Movie 4 de su colega y antiguo amigo David Zucker, auntor de anteriores éxitos del actor en cuestión ^^.

On the case, Drebin falls in love with Ludwig's assistant, Jane Spencer (Priscilla Presley).

She knows nothing about Ludwig's plot, and after the pair spend the night together, Jane helps with Frank's investigation.

Frank discovers that Jane's new boyfriend, Quentin Hapsburg (Robert Goulet), is involved in an evil plan to kidnap Dr. Meinheimer (Richard Griffiths), a scientist whom President George H. Bush (John Roarke) has chosen to determine a new national energy policy. Meinheimer and replace him with a lookalike named Earl Hacker (also portrayed by Griffiths) who will endorse an energy policy according to the dictates of the energy lobby.

Wrongfully Accused 1998- Leslie Nielsen, Richard Crenna, Kelly Le Brock Ryan Harrison is framed for murder and must prove himself innocent by finding a mysterious one-eyed, one-armed, one-legged man after escaping from a bus accident on the way to jail.

yan Harrison, a violin god, superstar and sex symbol does not want to cheat on sexy Lauren Goodhue's husband with her. Goodhue is found murdered and Ryan suddenly finds himself being the main suspect.

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