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After bad breakups, people are often shut down and angry, but then repeat their past experiences. So you think you’re ready to meet this alleged soul mate. It may seem counter-intuitive, but the best way to find this person is to give up searching for him or her.

If you can keep an open heart, you’re much more likely to be attracted to, and even fall in love with, your potential soul mate. If your goal is a long-term relationship, look for qualities that will matter in the long run, like a loving heart and a dependable nature, rather than less substantial attributes like looks and money. The first step is to do work on feeling good about yourself.

When you meet someone new, you usually feel it in your bones: you’re either turned on or you’re not. There are four kinds of chemistry associated with romantic partnerships: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. If you’re on the rebound, it’s easy to feel needy and look for another person to fulfill you. You love yourself and now you’re ready to love someone else.

By finding ways to fulfill yourself instead, you’ll be more ready to be a true partner. What should you look for and where do you go about finding this fabulous person?

Professional matchmaker Catherine Ginter of the matchmaking service Great Date Now asks new clients to bring in a list of what they must have and what they consider a deal breaker in a mate.

If intelligence is important to you, spend time in places like libraries, bookstores, and at lectures. There’s a reason why more than 0 million was spent in the U. on online dating and personal ads in 2007, and why these numbers are expected to double by 2012.

Some find that this is the ideal way to test the waters, particularly when they haven’t dated in a while.

Margaret Blackstone, an author with MS, believes that the beauty of Internet dating is that “You can let your computer screen serve as the thick skin you may not have.

If only you could just wave a magic wand and the love of your life would suddenly appear!

In matters of the heart, unfortunately, it’s usually not that simple.

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Relationship expert John Gray, Ph D, likens finding the right mate to hitting the center of a target in archery.

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